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Masonic Tools For Everyday Freemasons

Mason App was built by Freemasons for Freemasons. Freemasonry being highly regionalized, we recognize the need for Masons to connect and interact outside their individual Lodges or even Districts. Our mission is to provide tools that allow you to showcase your personal accomplishments and better connect with other Masons. 

Looking for a Senior Deacon for your short notice degree? Simply search your area for someone proficient and ask if they can help you out!

Need some tree or plumbing services and tired of asking if anyone knows someone? Look through our Masonic business network and connect with a business that you know you can trust because it's run by a brother!

Are you hungry for masonic education? You can peruse the forums and engage in conversation with other Brothers about the esoteric side of Freemasonry!

Our aim is to continually add new tools that will help us fulfill our mission of giving the everyday Freemason a place to feel at home and spread their wings. 

Features of Mason App

What can you do around here? Read below!

  • Detailed Personal Profiles

    List your Bio, proficiencies cards, degree proficiencies, appendant body activities and more. Post on your timeline and let your friends know what your up to!

  • Connect & Communicate

    Follow your friends, comment on their activity, email, or private message each other!

  • Masonic Forums

    Find a forum or create one and communicate with other masons about any masonic topic.

  • Masonic Business Directory

    No need to keep asking individuals if they "know someone" that can help out with your needs. Browse our categories list of Masonic owned businesses, leave reviews, and help other Masons meet their needs!

  • Events

    Create events to get more activity for your meetings, degree work, and community activities!